Saola Foundation wants to save the saola from extinction and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the USA with the highest level of corporate governance.

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What is the Saola?

The saola is the most critically endangered large mammal in the world, and it is found only in Laos and Vietnam where legends call it the Asian unicorn. 

The saola was discovered only in 1992, making it the most surprising zoological find of the 20th century. It is not just a new species but an entirely new genus with horns but related to wild cattle and buffaloes. It is known for its long, black antlers and brown fur with white markings on its face

There are none in captivity today and there may be a few dozen left in the wild. They are at a much higher risk of global extinction than tigers, elephants, and rhinos.


The saola can be found deep in the mountain forest called Annamite mountain between Laos and Vietnam.



Local villagers set snares in the forest to catch saolas and other animals to protect crops. There is a rising number of hunters to supply the illegal trade in wildlife for traditional medicine demand in China and restaurant and food markets in Vietnam and Laos.

They are disappearing faster than we are saving them.