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Saola Gold Circle

Saola Gold Partnership

Saola Gold Circle

The Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation is delighted to introduce a new initiative, the Saola Gold Circle.

This is an exclusive partnership for our most generous donors. The purpose of the Saola Gold Circle is to give committed supporters (either individuals or organizations) a pivotal role in finding and saving Saola.

The goal of the partnership to raise at least US$1M for the intensive Saola search (which will support approximately 12 months in the field by the integrated, cutting-edge search teams).

Membership commitment:
Membership is automatic with a minimum donation to the Saola Foundation of US$ 50,000 within one year for the Saola search program. Our goal is to recruit at least 20 Saola Gold Circle members.

Membership benefits:
Members of the Saola Gold Circle will have these exclusive benefits:

  • Grateful announcement of the member’s addition to the Saola Gold Circle in one or more Saola Foundation newsletters.
  • The option for a field visit with the project team in Lao PDR. This invitation is not available through other means.
  • Exclusive invitation to an annual gathering of the Saola Gold Partners, with senior members of the Saola Foundation team. This will be an opportunity for Gold Partners to ask detailed questions about the progress of the program, and offer suggestions on the Saola Foundation’s plans. The meetings will alternate each year between an in-person gathering and an online meeting.
  • Exclusive, brief video updates sent from the field during the Saola search.
  • First priority for an in-person visit and presentation to the donor’s organization by a senior member of the Saola Foundation team (our CEO, President or Technical Director).
  • The donor’s name and/or organizational logo will be placed within the Saola Gold Circle logo (see below), which will be displayed prominently on the Saola Foundation’s website, and frequently in other Saola Foundation communications.
  • We will provide Gold Partners with a digital Saola Gold Partner badge, which they can display in their own communications and media channels.
  • If and as we recruit and train new sign detection dogs for the search team, members may have the opportunity to name the new dogs.
  • When we start tracking individual Saolas, the Gold Partners, through a drawing open only to them, will have the chance to name some of the
    tracked Saolas.

For more information about the Saola Gold Circle, please contact Saola Foundation President Bill Robichaud at, or CEO Dr. Lorraine Scotson at

Saola Gold Partnership