New podcast: How to save saola – an animal that no biologist has ever seen

Hi there,

have you ever heard of saola – possibly the most threatened mammal on the planet (fewer than 50 animals live in the wild)?

Well, I haven't. Not until I interviewed William Robichaud from The Saola Foundation.

In this new episode we talk about:

  • Why saola is on the brink of extinction

  • Why it is so hard to find saola and what methods they will use to find it and capture it

  • Why captive breeding program is necessary for the survival

  • How saola search can benefit other endangered species in the Annamite Mountains (Laos/Vietnam)

My favorite quotes:

"When saola was discovered I just kept expecting somebody to come and take over saola conservation because large mammals weren't my area of expertise and nobody ever did."

"People assume that there is only a finite amount of money for nature conservation but I don't believe it's true. The world is full of money and actually very little of that money is going to wildlife conservation."

I hope that this episode will perk you because there's still hope for saola!


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