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Image  courtesy of  Jonathan C. Eames


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  • Saola Tracks, February 8, 2023:  Seminar Talks
  • Happy Holidays 2022!
  • Saola Tracks, December 3, 2022:  Get something nice, and save a Saola this Christmas!
  • Saola Tracks, November 30, 2022: Dispatch and some exciting updates from Lao
  •  Saola Tracks #15: Much Exciting News To Share
    Dear Friends of Saola, We are thrilled to share news of some significant developments in our mission to help find and save the Saola. Introducing the Saola Gold Partnership, and a major new supporter The staff and Board of Directors of the Saola Foundation have given great consideration to meaningful and impactful ways to attract the
  • Saola Tracks #14: Happy World Saola Day! And Some Exciting Announcements
    Dear Friends of Saola, July 9 marks World Saola Day! On this occasion, we send our best wishes, and sincere thanks for all your support. We have some good news to share to mark the day, and we also ask your help. We’ve made outstanding progress in the less than two years since we launched the Saola Foundation.
  • Saola Tracks #13: Welcome to a New Member of Our Advisory Council, Afield With Our Partners
    Dear Friends of Saola, Last week The Ellen Fund, the wildlife conservation charity of entertainer Ellen DeGeneres, highlighted the Saola Foundation and our Lao Programs Manager, Olay, in a video they produced and posted to their Instagram account (@theellenfund). Check it out here!  Eric Barrão Ruivo Welcome to a new member of our Advisory Council We
  • Saola Tracks #12: Welcome to New Members Our Team! And Please Join Us This Saturday for Our Next Live Webinar, Peoples of the Annamites
    Dear Friends of Saola, As the Saola Foundation continues to ramp up our activity to help save Saola (and its home of the Annamite Mountains), with your support we have added to our team, after thorough searches, some outstanding new members. We are most pleased to let them introduce themselves to you: Xaisavanh Khiewvongphachan Xaisavanh Khiewvongphachan (“Xai”);
  • Saola Tracks #11: A new Saola Foundation video, Saola in the news, and remembering some conservation giants
    Dear Friends of Saola, The year has barely begun, yet we already have a number of good things to share about Saola, especially regarding our efforts to bring global attention to this crucial conservation endeavor. 2022 is off to a most promising start for Saola, and your continued support this year will be so important for us.   First,
  • Saola Tracks #10: Holiday Wishes, And Year In Review
    All of us at the Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation send heartfelt thanks for your support this past year to Saola conservation. Pulling together, with a touch of magic, we are getting this done! Dear Friends of Saola, We have much to celebrate this holiday season at the Saola Foundation –  with you behind
  • Have A Look & A Listen: Revealed, The Next Extraordinary Items In Our “Find A Saola” Auction…
    Dear Friends of Saola, We invite you to enjoy a new podcast episode about Saola, by Czech conservationist Veronika Perková, including an extensive interview with Saola Foundation Bill Robichaud. Tune in here. As the podcast makes clear, the Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation is preparing to embark on one of the most important searches
  • Saola Tracks #9: New Auction, new artists
    Dear Friends of Saola, We are delighted to announce, coming later this month, the Saola Foundation’s next online benefit auction. We’ve put together something quite special for you  – we’ve engaged a small group of fantastic artists to each contribute an original Saola or Asian themed work of art, made exclusively for the auction.  The auction will run
  • Upcoming Event: Bears Of The Annamites
    Dear Friends of Saola, On Saturday, October 30 please join the Saola Foundation’s CEO, Dr. Lorraine Scotson, for a fascinating and entertaining live webinar on the lives of bears (and of a bear biologist!) in the Annamite Mountains. Two species of bear live in the Annamites, Sun Bear and Asiatic Black Bear, and both have been hard hit by the
  • Saola Tracks #8: Why Saola still has time (and so says Leonardo), a welcome, some thank-you’s, job openings, and other news
    Dear Friends of Saola,  We are pleased to share the following news from Saola conservation and the Saola Foundation: IUCN releases an important Position Statement on Saola (and Leonardo di Caprio weighs in with a word). Welcome(!) to a new member of the Saola Foundation’s Board of Directors. Major new support from Synchronicity Earth, Prague Zoo, Eleanor
  • Saola Tracks #7: World Saola Day
    Dear friends of Saola, Greetings on a fine summer day in Denmark. Today, July 9, marks World Saola Day. Some borders in Europe have recently opened, and for the past couple of days I’ve been visiting two founding supporters of the Saola Foundation in Denmark, Givskud Zoo Zootopia and Odense Zoo. Both are extraordinarily beautiful
  • Saola Tracks #6: CEPF Grant, Welcome Brooke, Farewell Do Tuoc
    Dear friends of Saola,  The Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation is preparing to launch one of the most intensive and important searches of our time for a wild animal – for the last Saolas in the Annamite forests of Lao PDR.  Toward this end, we are delighted to announce that we will be the recipient
  • Upcoming Events: Endangered: Short Tales for the Nearly Forgotten, Why Saola still exists, and how to find them (announcement)
    Dear Friends of Saola, This month, a group of award-winning actors in collaboration with Los Angeles Zoo, the University of Montana, and the environmental news website Mongabay launched a new podcast, “Endangered: Short Tales for the Nearly Forgotten.” The program celebrates species that are highly threatened yet little known. It is written, directed and produced
  • Saola Tracks #5: Lao New Year Pi Mai, Annual Report
    Dear Friends of Saola, This week, April 14, 15, 16, marks Lao New Year, Pi Mai. By custom, yesterday, the 14th, was the last day of the old year, today is an in between day of ‘no year’, and the third day of the celebration, tomorrow, marks the first day of the new year. We
  • The Saola in Lao and Vietnamese Culture (video)
    Dear friends of Saola, Last Saturday’s online presentation by Saola Foundation Bill Robichaud, on “The Saola in Lao and Vietnamese Culture”, went very well, with about 100 in attendance, and a lively Q&A afterwards. If you weren’t able to participate, and would like to watch a video of the talk, you’ll find it by clicking
  • The Saola in Lao and Vietnamese Culture (announcement)
    Dear friends of Saola, We are delighted to offer and announce a presentation by the Saola Foundation’s President Bill Robichaud, March 27, about some fascinating aspects of Saola in the cultures of Lao and Vietnam. Although Saola first came to the attention of scientists and the outside world only in 1992, local people in the

  • Dear friends of Saola, Today marks the start of the Lunar New Year, as celebrated in Vietnam, China and some other parts of Asia. In the 12-year cycle of the lunar zodiac, we are entering the Year of the Ox. This makes it a year for Saola!  When a team of biologists first discovered Pseudoryx nghetinhensis in 1992
  • Sea Shanty
    Greetings! According to our Scottish CEO, Lorraine, this past month the somewhat stir-crazy people of the United Kingdom have been grasping for relief from Covid lockdown stress by composing and posting online ditties in the style of sea shanties. Lorraine jumped on board (as it were) and composed the world’s first sea shanty devoted to Saola! Check it
  • Saola Tracks #4: Welcome Phoutsakhone, Saola Rapid Response Fund, One Planet Conservation Awareness Partnership
    Meet the newest member of the Saola Foundation Board of Directors We are thrilled to introduce a new member of our Board, Ms. Phoutsakhone Ounchith. Phoutsakhone is a former Head of Office of the IUCN Lao Programme, and during her tenure there she was a strong supporter and advocate of the One Plan to save saola. For more
  • Holiday Wishes, Holiday Auction Results
    Our card design was donated by Eric Losh, who has produced artwork of various kinds for some of the world’s top wildlife conservation organizations: The Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation was launched in September of this year. Our first, urgent mission is to find the remaining saolas in the wild – an essential
  • A Saola for the Holidays Holiday Auction (announcement)
    Have you ever dreamed of getting up close to a saola? Here’s a chance to hold one in your hand… Brent Huffman is a man of diverse talents – Lead Keeper of Mammals at Toronto Zoo, founder of the website Ultimate Ungulate (, and an accomplished knitter. He’s also a passionate supporter of saola conservation,
  • Saola Tracks #3: Strides Forward – Board Update, Engaging with Partners, News from Our Supporters
    Since the Saola Foundation’s birth and public launch in September, we have seen overall excellent progress in building our organization. The generous support of many of you has made this possible.   Board Update The Chair of our Board of Directors, Matt Hayden, has been a force in guiding the Foundation to a solid, professional footing.
  • Saola Tracks #2: EAZA Conference, WCN Wildlife Expo, New Supporters
    Dear friends and supporters of Saola, We are pleased to invite you to join Saola Foundation CEO Lorraine Scotson and President Bill Robichaud for some live online events in October. Please drop in to say hello, and join discussions about Saola conservation, the role of the Saola Foundation, and the task ahead to save this
  • Saola Tracks #1: Welcome, Remembering Petr Colas, Gratitude
    Welcome!Dear friends and supporters of Saola, It is our sincere pleasure to introduce you to the Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation, a new non-profit organization registered in the United States (as ‘Saola Foundation’ for brevity). The Saola Foundation’s mission is to bring additional, critical resources to the endeavor to save Saola, in support of