PhD Student, Colorado State University

Minh is a Vietnamese wildlife biologist with a strong passion for wildlife conservation in the Annamite Mountains, where she was born. She started her conservation career in 2009, while she was a Biotechnology undergraduate at the University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City, volunteering on extracurricular field research on amphibians and reptiles.  She followed up with a Master's Degree at the University of Science, and during this time founded a Mammalogy Study Group for other students (which focused in particular on encouraging women to pursue careers in science). In 2013, after graduation, Minh began working for the Wildlife Conservation Society Vietnam Program, where she was involved with projects focused on reducing illegal wildlife trade. She’s a National Geographic Explorer, the team leader of a  project titled “The snaring disaster and optimistic solutions for in situ wildlife conservation in Vietnam and Laos” awarded by the Conservation Leadership Programme, and a member of the IUCN Deer Specialist Group. She is pursuing her PhD at Colorado State University, with research on the impact of snaring in the Annamites on the Critically Endangered Large-antlered Muntjac. 

Minh Nguyen


Image credit: Do Van Thoai