Board of Directors

Matt Hayden

Matt has decades of experience as a leader and consultant in the field of organizational performance, team leadership and client relationships.

Board Chair

Dr Lorraine Scotson

Lorraine is a wildlife researcher and conservationist specializing in Southeast Asia, where for more than a decade she has worked on wildlife monitoring, research and conservation.


Bill Robichaud

Bill has been working on wildlife conservation in the range countries of the Saola for over 25 years.  He is a former Laos program director for the Wildlife Conservation Society.


Andy Holman

Andy is a Certified Public Accountant in Milwaukee, WI, USA.  He is a Principal in Ritz Holman CPAs, where for more than 30 years he has specialized in guiding the financial health of non-profit organizations.


David Hulse

Board Member

David brings deep experience in Asian conservation and private philanthropy. He helped open the first WWF office in Hanoi in 1992 (the year Saola was discovered), and served as WWF’s Vietnam Country Rep until 1999...

Steve Burns

Steve is one of the world’s leading voices to encourage zoos to support the conservation of wild nature. He is President and CEO of Utah’s Hogle Zoo, and previously served for twenty years as Director of Zoo Boise....

Board Member

Advisory Council

Additional advisers will be added to the council as the foundation continues to grow

Dr George Archibald

Co-Founder & Senior Conservationist,

International Crane Foundation 


Michele Thompson

Professor of Southeast Asian History, Southern Connecticut State University

Vilat Keomoungkhoun

Technology start-up specialist & co-founder of the Saola Foundation 

Nguyen Duc Tu

Biodiversity Coordinator, IUCN/ CEPF National Coordinator, Vietnam

Steve Shurter

Executive Director,

White Oak Conservation

Technical Advisory Group

Additional advisers will be added as the foundation continues to grow

Rob Timmins

Chief Technical Advisor



Lao PDR  Technical Advisor


Vilat Keomoungkhoun





Melissa Keomoungkhoun





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