The IUCN One Plan Approach to Conserving Saola 
In 2021, the IUCN Species Survival Commission observed that very little of potential range has yet been properly surveyed for Saola - as little as 2%! – and call for efforts to find and conserve any remaining Saola before it is too late.
IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Position Statement on the Conservation of Saola (August 2021)
The Saola Foundation supports the IUCN One Plan Approach for saving Saola from extinction, and will bring creativity, passion and expertise to help achieve its successful implementation. 
The IUCN SSC Saola Working Group has applied the IUCN One Plan Approach to Saola conservation by developing a plan to capture wild Saolas to establish a conservation breeding program. If successful, this will allow eventual reintroduction's to the wild.
The One Plan Approach is a holistic approach to species conservation that integrates all conservation efforts, such as field activities and conservation breeding, into one, coordinated program.
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Saola Partner Organizations in Lao PDR:
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